Busman’s Holiday at Chocolate Prom

Published February 6, 2013 by pipsqueak

Busman’s Holiday is a local Bloomington band comprised of brothers Addison (drums, vocals) and Lewis (vocals, guitar) Rogers. If you are a Bloomington student/native and have not taken advantage of the jolly little duo that is Busman’s Holiday, you have made a grave error. They are the most charming. Here: take a moment to gaze upon their adorable brother dichotomy and listen to them while you read the rest of this article.

primary colors have never been so dapper

Having seen two shows – one at The Bishop, one at The Rhino Club’s Chocolate Prom, I am firmly converted to Busman’s Holiday. They are the dream Local Show, what you always hope for but seldom receive. I hate to be cynical, but too often, local shows by smaller bands fall under two categories:

  • noisy electric guitar with incomprehensible screamy vocals
  • bland, un-catchy acoustic guitar strumming and with incomprehensible mumbled vocals

Busman’s Holiday falls under neither of these dismal genres. They sound a bit like they should have been on the soundtrack of Juno, or maybe in a trailer for a Wes Anderson movie. Their literate lyrics transmit well live in Lewis’s tuneful tenor.

I’m a super person. I think you should know

that in the dark I glow

like a fluorescent, iridescent

piece of velvet Elvis art.

Mr. Spaceman, Busman’s Holiday

The two are also a delight to watch during shows. Their boyish/beardy dichotomy is visually pleasing – they look like slightly different versions of the same ruddy-faced blonde stock. Lewis is lanky, and hops to the beat with boyish enthusiasm.  Addison, the drummer, remains seated at a makeshift drum kit (he uses a valise with a dragon painted on it in lieu of a bass drum) He has a confident charisma and is very witty on stage. Bonus for bowtie lovers: they are usually more dapperly dressed than your average t-shirt-and-jeans grunge rockers.

aaah ironic indie silliness

and hey it’s not an indie band without ironic moustache silliness

During the Busman’s Holiday show at the Bishop, Addison quizzed the crowd on what was The Most Patriotic Love Song, offering an astounding prize to the winner. No one was able to guess, but he awarded the prize to the runner-up – an inflated, American-flag-print machine gun. She was delighted, and waved the gun at the crowd for a few moments before re-merging to dance.

At Chocolate Prom, playing to a mixed audience (which ranged from venerable old chaps to toddlers to a tiny middle schooler with the word “EMO” written in black sharpie on his left arm) they bantered less but cranked out adorable, danceable tunes. They opened the show with a cover of “Two of Us” so sugary-sweet that I almost melted into a pool of chocolate. True story.

Busman’s Holiday will be playing at Rachel’s Cafe on Valentine’s Day.


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