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Things I (Almost) Never Regret Doing

Published March 25, 2013 by pipsqueak

now that’s what i call texting (via wikinut)

1. Writing a letter to people I love

2. Going for a bike ride where I get lost and find unique little places I’ve never visited before

3. Not waiting til midnight to start my math homework. It’s at less of an advantage when I’m in a mental state of steely levelheadedness, anyway.

4. Asking someone cute out. You never know! A little asking never hurt anyone! And even if you fail, you get Bravery Points. Or something. Just try.


worst case scenario, this is you! (via cbc)

5. Having a conversation with a friendly-but-not-in-a-creepy-way stranger

6. Doing exercise. Or anything at all to prevent my muscles from atrophying.

7. Cooking something that is delicious and nutritious. Or just delicious.

8. Speaking up about something I care about.

9. Publishing a freaking blog post



I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags (or why Thrift Shopping is fun, smart, and a force for good in the world)

Published January 28, 2013 by pipsqueak

Macklemore, the irrepressible newcomer to the airwaves, has done the radio-listening demographic a great service. With his song Thrift Shop, not only has he created a zingy little song, he has brought the fabulous pastime that is Thrift Shopping into the front of the collective consciousness.

 this is fucking awesome thrift shop

Here’s a brief list of reasons why you, my intelligent and attractive reader, should be heading down to your local Goodwill/Salvation Army/St. Vincent DePaul’s stat:

1. Obviously there are always some terrible falling-apart clothes at any secondhand shop, but here’s the thing about cheap clothes that you find at a Mall. Let’s take, for example, Forever 21. It’s great because it’s cheap. But half the clothes I got from them start to fray at the seams and otherwise betray their shoddy make within a few weeks. The influx of mass-produced factory-made clothing has been good news for those who only have $5 and really, really want a neon yellow stripe halter top.


or people who want to emulate their Teen Talk “Math Class Is Tough” Barbie

But it’s bad news for clothes. Good clothes. Durable clothes. Clothes that you have long enough to grow a sentimental attachment too. And due to the nature of secondhand clothing stores, many of the clothes there are probably made from an earlier time, when clothing was made more durably. And it’s still cheaper than Forever 21.

2. Hilarious Weird Clothes That You Will Never Find Anywhere Else

but shit, it was 99 cents!

Here is an abridged list of cool shit I’ve gotten at thrift stores:

  • tricolored sequined high heels
  • red kneelength leather “where in the world is Carmen Sandiego” coat
  • several of the coziest Fair Isle sweaters I’ve ever seen
  • a Greek Goddess style coin belt
  • flannels. Gorgeous cozy heaps of flannels

And I’m sure you will find many bizarre and unique things.

3. Sales

Due to the charitable nature of many thrift shops + the wide variations in quality of their products, many secondhand clothing stores are prone to really good sales, the likes of which you would never find in a modern mall. Like the “Everything (purple/blue/black/yellow) is 50% off!” day. Or “Everything in the entire store is a dollar!” day.

One of my very savvy friends happened upon a St. Vincent dePaul’s during a “Dollar Day” and came away with fifty things. For weeks after the sale, she would come up to me and indicate a pair of moccasins or a sturdy wool coat and say, “it was a dollar,” her eyes wide with the infinite wonder of the universe.


and in that moment, i swear there were infinite brocade vests

4. my fourth and most compelling reason is that thanks to Macklemore you now have the best pump-up song for going Thrift Shopping EVER.

your excellent rhymes and brocade puppy vests are an inspiration to us all

your excellent rhymes and puppy vests are an inspiration to us all