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restless girlfriends

Published April 22, 2013 by pipsqueak

we recognized in each other the liquid darkness

that beaded like mercury behind the black of our eyes

appalled by the glaring muchness of the world

we shrank back to a den, whispered dark ideas into each other’s ears

there is no rest in this world, not even in your thin arms

my black lace sleeve netted over fishbelly wrist

trading nausea through kisses

teeth chattering in anorexic mouthes

wide eyed, never falling asleep


A Poem For A Bad Day

Published March 19, 2013 by pipsqueak

when you scramble to find the solid substance in you

when you shrink back like a wounded puppy at every noise

and the world keeps pulling at your loosening seams

you are brittle, crumbling on the outside

and soft as tenderized oysterflesh within

go the innermost chamber of your secret sanctum

tell the graceful butler at the door

no visitors today

listen to the softest of love songs

where the singer’s voice trembles with tenderness

and the drum is the rhythm of blood in your veins

carrying you nutrients, crimson vitality, and warmth

break the emergency glass in your ribcage with an axe

remove the  fire extinguisher and first-aid kit you were born with

with potions, bandages, aspirin. and even better

you may, in time, learn a secret alchemy

to transform this turmoil into beauty

and mine from the common rocky bitterness of pain

the rich coal that burns with steady fire

so when the world leaves you dizzy

you twist with the pain, and then the twisting turns to spinning

and as you whirl, a new kind of dance is formed

some days you are gasping for a break from the brutality

try this: the tired woman at the counter when you buy your meager meal

tell her that her nails shine like the inside of a conch shell

this is code for: I recognize you as a human

she will reply with the incantation that will bring you back to life:

the perfect syllables of your name